About Virtual Valentine

Hello up there!

Moms are always telling their kids not to talk to strangers. It’s basically the worst advice in the history of advice, so this blog was created in an attempt to spread the Valentine’s Day warmth–’cause it shouldn’t just be for couples. It should be for people who love. This applies to, hm, everyone in the world. Meaning: you.

Visitors to the site are encouraged to share their wishes, stories, and love/friendship/fellowship salutations. To the right of this post, you’ll see several links; feel free to file your words in the form of a comment in whatever place seems most fitting. A ‘Shoutout’ only takes a few seconds…and it’s cheaper than sending a dozen roses (though they’re admittedly less tasty than chocolate). Tell us about something that made you pause for a moment in the supermarket, in the check-out line. Post a V-day event that you think people shouldn’t miss. Sing a song. Rant. Say something! If you feel like your post cannot be contained in the meager ‘reply’ box, fill out the feedback form and it’ll be taken care of ASAP.

It’s difficult to live for love. That sounds awfully cheesy, but it’s true. Virtual Valentine was created to make the work of a lifetime a little easier for one day of the year. This site is meant to enable people to collaborate, a skill that seems to be on the decline lately. You’ve seen it–people have been getting a little crazy train out there in the real world.

WordPress isn’t exactly the warmest way to do this, but hey–lurve is lurve!

Please share this site with your friends, families, and random checkout clerks.

Thanks to Jackie Mostow, the incarnation of warm ‘n’ fuzzy, who is inspiration for this site.