‘The Candy Crutch,’ by Sean Chumley

I like gooey love stories as much as anyone can, but I prefer the sad love of the disillusioned. When love changes from warm bellies and lust to being comfortable enough to tell someone you hate their nose or personality—that’s when you’ve got my attention. I love in the oft-covered “Hallelujah”: “Maybe there’s a God above/ But all I’ve ever learned from love/ Is how to shoot somebody who outdrew you.” There are a lot of implications in those few lines, plus I like the odd dueling-cowboys image I get from it. Love in the Wild, Wild West.It bothers me to hear cynical people deride Valentine’s Day as a corporate scheme to sell candy, cards and flowers. First of all, I like candy, and if I can get someone to buy it for me—why shouldn’t I? Secondly, every time I hear such opinions, they are delivered with the confidence of someone who believes himself to be unique among this type of thought. It’s fine to be cynical about the value of love in Valentine’s Day—I think it’s appropriate as a matter of fact—but at least be unique in your approach! If you want to dislike V-Day, say that you’d rather be romantic on your own accord than having forced romance thrust upon you!

There are those that like to refer to Valentine’s Day as Single Persons Awareness Day. SPAD is a fine approach, but I think people tend to wallow in the sadness of being single rather than celebrate the fact. Just think—if you’re single, you don’t have to get caught up in someone else’s folderol! It’s quite a liberating sentiment. If you choose to go the SPAD way to celebrate V-Day, think of love as a crutch. It’s useful when you have a broken leg, but generally gets in the way once you’re strong.

Sean Chumley is a young writer with more talent than you can shake a stick at. He currently lives in a small town, but has delusions of grandeur. More of his grandeur can be found here.


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