Know of any events worth checking out on the 14th in New York City or abroad?

It doesn’t necessarily have to be something anyone can actually attend; more important is that said ‘happening’ connects people and perpetuates the loving feeling.

For example:

Dog Show. The Westminster Dog Show, undoubtedly the fanciest dog show in the world (I have no proof to back this up) will drop on the 14th at Madison Square Garden. Rumor has it there’s going to be some SICK coonhounds making an appearance.

Romance? Art? Chocolate? If only I had $65. This matinee event looks promising.

Hockey, Love, and Bryant Park. The 14th is the final day of the Winter Film Festival at Bryant Park and they’re celebrating by showing ‘The Cutting Edge,’ a 1992 flick about the star-crossed romance between a hockey player and figure skater. Please. I will go alone. Those are like 2.5 of my favorite things.

The New Marriage Bureau–now featuring LARGE RESTROOMS WITH VANITIES AND FULL-LENGTH MIRRORS. The post dash section of that link was taken verbatim from Offbeat New York. Apparently, NYC’s new marriage bureau (141 Worth St) offers the tops when it comes to one-stop-shop marriage ceremonies. There are even ‘sundries’ available for purchase. It sounds eerily like a Craigslist post, but hey–when was the last time you saw a large restroom in Manhattan? It could just be worth checking out.  There must be someone willing to marry me in front of a backdrop of City Hall.

A Ball. I originally though it was a masquerade ball, but I was duped. Either way, could be fun. Be advised: looks like the word ‘single’ is in the fine print.


Last, but not least:

Awesomeness of Love + Air Guitar = My Personal Pick. Union Hall is a pretty cool bar in a pretty cool neighborhood. It’s got that going for it, even on air guitar-less nights. If you think you need an outlet for your fist-pumping, whether fueled by love or love-stricken grief , Union Hall is your ticket. They’re kicking it into high gear for Valentine’s Day by hosting a Power Ballads Sing Along. Finally, Aerosmith and R. Kelly in the same room, on the same night.


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