Shoutouts and Dedications

Do radio dedications still happen?

This page is meant to emulate the espritu of that tradition, which surely must be dying if not already dead. Although I’m sure they would be better served and more sweetly sung  in Casey Kasem’s voice, all of your Valentine’s Day wishes and shoutouts should be posted here. Again, your shoutouts can go to loved ones, family members, friends, pets, strangers, members of ‘Nsync, inanimate objects…V.V.’s only request is that you keep it sincere and relatively mom-friendly.  

Yes, you can sincerely well-wish an inanimate object.

In short, ‘This one goes out to’:


7 Responses to “Shoutouts and Dedications”

  1. I ❤ TIM GUNN

  2. This is my super special valentine to all the huggers in the world. You make it a better place! I love your ability to make people feel comforted, content and excited in whatever way you wish. There is something so special about hugs between new friends, old friends, lovers and strangers, and I want to acknowledge those who participate in this wonderful ritual. Happy Valentines Day huggers! I hope to embrace you all soon! ❤

  3. happy valentines day to you alexa. and to the 7 other lovely people we spent last summer with. i love you in a way that i can’t describe but i know you understand (explainable only by the way that you still talk to me after the laundry-taxi debacle).

  4. Stella Rights Says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day to my brother and sister, the lights of my life!

  5. James F. Martin Says:

    Thanks Alexa for making everyones holiday special. Happy Valentines day!! ❤

  6. Hey Alexa,

    You are adorable. I agree with you completely: love should be inclusive, not exclusive, on Valentine’s day and always.

    I am send peace, love and happiness to you, dear reader, from the depths of my abysmal heart.


  7. Dodes Muldoon (Alexa's Mom) Says:

    I would like to send a special valentine to all the folks who work in animal shelters and animal rescue groups for their tireless efforts in caring for and saving the hundreds of thousands of homeless animals. Kudo’s!

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