Stories, Tales, & Encounters

This is where you can share a Valentine’s Day story or encounter that gave you the warm fuzzies and/or made you smile, laugh, or [positive feeling here]. Think ‘Missed Connections’ on Craigslist that should maybe be labeled “Connections,” but instead of being creepy fodder for college students looking to avoid homework–well, I guess it’s less creepy fodder for people looking to avoid doing things they are putting off.

I’m going to posit that browsing this site is worth avoiding that task a little longer, so browse away! And please, contribute!

Get your warm ‘n fuzzy on:


One Response to “Stories, Tales, & Encounters”

  1. On Valentine’s Day last year I went to Mr. Kiwi’s, the 24 hour grocer in my Bushwick neighborhood to buy some their pre-packaged spicy ramen. Inspired by my roommate at the time, I also bought some eggs and scallions to add to the ramen. The teller, an older Korean man (the owner, I believe) looked at my purchases, pointed questioningly to the eggs and scallions and back to the ramen wondering if I was indeed adding them to the ramen. When I nodded yes, he started smiling wildly. I thought, “that’s my Valentine’s Day moment. that man’s my Valentine.”

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